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At WorkingCat Marketing we believe in a holistic approach to marketing strategy.
You will never hear us say, “It’s all about Facebook likes!” or, “It’s all about YouTube views!”

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Hi, I'm Laura

I landed in the dental space sort of by accident.   My background is in education and linguistics, but it turned out Dentistry is my tribe. My strength was learning how to translate dental-ese into patient-ese.
I figured out how to not just tell patients about their treatment in a way they understand, but to convey the excitement and enthusiasm doctors and hygienists have about the practice and their patient's care.
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Laura J Nadler Dental Marketing

Why work with me?

For much of my career I've coached teams to success. One of my greatest thrills is seeing that a-ha moment. When I'm working with a practice and someone says, "OMG, you made that so much easier" or "I really needed that push to get going" I know I'm making a difference. 
 I don't believe marketing has to break the bank, so I teach teams to be marketers themselves. Your story should be told by you, not someone posting cookie-cutter content. 

I get a rush from seeing people succeed. It’s why I do this. 


How can WorkingCat Marketing help you?

In addition to done for you services like branding, logo design, video and photography,
WorkingCat Marketing offers several ways for you to learn and grow your marketing.
content creation online course dental marketing

The Video Book

Teaches the essentials to create an awesome video marketing strategy in a step-by-step guide to creating and using video.
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The Online Course

Learn the foundations of online marketing and 5 star service.  Our 6-part course takes the scary out of marketing your practice.  
From Found to Five Stars

The Next Level

Evaluation of your marketing, customized action plan and one-on one coaching calls to take your marketing to the next level
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I know, marketing your dental practice can seem daunting. You’ve been to all these meetings and heard all kinds of ideas. The challenge is that very few people talk about the strategy and planning – they just tell you to get a Facebook page of make some videos. That’s where WorkingCat Marketing is different.  We know the plan comes first.  Then we fill in all those fun bits!


If you’re new to marketing, or if you think you could be doing better, a great place to start is with our From Found to Five Stars Foundation course.  You’ll learn:

  • The value of branding
  • Best practices for websites
  • How and why to blog
  • How to use video everywhere
  • What social platforms matter and how to use them
  • How to keep those patients who find you online
  • The benefits of a strategy
Laura J Nadler Dental Marketing expert

If you’re not sure where you are in your marketing journey, take our Marketing Checkup below.

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From Found to Five Stars Foundation Course

Learn the foundations of online marketing and five star service.  This course will take the scary out of marketing and give teams the confidence to do it themselves.


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Laura J Nadler From Found to Five Stars online course

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