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What sets WorkingCat Marketing apart from some "done for you" marketing firms is that we teach you and your team how to own your marketing. So instead of canned images and #holidays, you can tell your own story that lets your practice's personality and message shine! 
Truly effective marketing leverages the web by using an overlapping network of resources – including you and your team.
We work with dental teams from as early as brand identity, through web design, establishing social media, and becoming a YouTube star.  Depending on the team’s needs we can be everything from top-line directors of concept to hands-on technique coaches. We offer online courses and one on one coaching. We'll ask the hard questions and give you honest answers.  We'll leave you with the tools in place to sustain and succeed. 

We call this approach From Found to Five Stars.

Meet Laura

I started working with my first dental practice in 1993, and although those two little old men are long retired, I learned some important things while I was there:
  • Hygienists love to educate. (Thank you, Lynn. I can still mount a full mouth series, though thanks to technology, I no longer need to.)
  • Patients come in all shapes and sizes, colors and creeds – but they all share the same concerns:  Will it hurt? How much will it cost? Do I feel welcome in your practice?
  • Doctors may be brilliant clinicians, but most become deer in the headlights when we talk about business – especially marketing
In the years since then I have been fortunate enough to move through the dental industry, first as a sales professional, and later as the head of sales and marketing teams at some very well-known companies. I’ve worked with dental product companies, two patient finance groups and one of the first Google partners to specialize in Dentistry.
Through every one of those ventures, those first lessons held true:
  • Educate them
  • Honestly address their concerns
  • Don’t be afraid
I am thrilled that I get to spend my working days at the intersection of these two ever-changing, and rapidly advancing industries.
Dental + Marketing
I look forward to sharing those lessons with you. 
Laura J Nadler WorkingCat dental marketing expert
Laura J Nadler WorkingCat dental marketing coach
When I’m not saving the dental world from bad marketing, you’ll find me traveling for fun – 14 countries, 3 continents and counting!  I’m a card-carrying sci-fi and word nerd and a lover of good food and wine.  In fact, I’ve written for both the food and wine industry and the film industry – and appeared in the commercial for Words with Friends.  Seeing how other industries market has been tremendously useful in trying new ideas in dental.
A born and raised New York City Girl, I now call the East End of Long Island home.  I share it with my amazing husband, a former firefighter (now fantasy fiction author) and our 4-legged kids, CJ and Coco - the original WorkingCat pictured here.  If we're not home, you'll find us at a local winery or restaurant - or tending our organic garden.

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